When do you make a stand?

innukshukWhen was the last time you made a stand about something? When did you really push for something you really believed in?

Take, for example, a youth cricket coach who insisted that his young players shake hands with their opponents at the end of the match, because he believed so strongly in showing respect. Or think of a company director, who, despite having admiration for the technical talents of one of her co-founders, realised her colleague was no longer the right person to take the business to the next level. So she sat down with him and had that difficult conversation. Then consider a doctor from Syria, working in the UK, making an impassioned speech to his colleagues to enlist their support for taking medical aid back to his war-torn homeland.

I have had the great privilege to know all of these people, and to bear witness to real leadership in action. Not all of them have the senior position, or the official mandate to do what they chose to do. It wasn’t written down anywhere in a job description. Leadership, in its purest form, shows up in our lives everyday, and we should open our eyes to embrace it. We can learn the theory, and that can help, but leadership is in everyone in some form, we just need to trust our own courage when it counts.

So, again, when do you make a stand, and what does that mean you stand for?


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