“Stop the world for just a minute please” – grounding for beginners

Constantly feel you’re tackling life’s challenges from the back foot? Frustrated by not giving your best when the stakes are high? Regularly saying “yes” to others when inside you’re screaming “nooooooo!!!”

In the whirlwind of life, work, family and finances, it can feel like you’re in a state of border-line chaos, never quite in charge of your own destiny. Thoughts, ideas and plans that are important to you, pushed to the back of the queue, everyone else’s priorities in front of yours.

Spot the Symptoms

  • Not speaking up about something that’s important to you
  • Getting defensive and flying off-the handle more than you used to
  • Getting flustered and going quiet
  • Getting flustered and never shutting up!

These behaviours can besiege us when we’re consumed by our gremlins. Gremlins are the negative, unhelpful inner voices that crop up when we feel stressed. When they speak, they distract us from being fully resourceful. Yet, with some simple tricks and techniques, it is possible to regain command of the situation by re-discovering your energy, eloquence and sense of inner-calm when it counts. This is what I call ‘Grounding’.


When you’re grounded, you have energy to think, make contributions that do you justice, challenge constructively, or remain calm when others become heated. It’s a state we are all capable of achieving. Follow a few simple steps and you can easily regain your grounding, even in the midst of a meeting, a tense encounter, or a formal presentation. Here’s how…

Feet on the Ground

  1. Whether standing or sitting, make sure both feet are firmly on the ground beneath you, roughly hip distance apart. (Avoid standing or sitting with tightly crossed legs.)
  2. Next pay attention to your middle-up. Eyes forward, chin at right angles to neck, and spine extended. (Imagine you have a helium-filled ballon attached to the top of your head, it will help you stretch out.)
  3. Check your breathing. In through your mouth, out through your nose.
  4. Hands in front – loosely clasped in front of you, or lightly clasped on the table, or in your lap. (Not in your pockets, behind your back, folded in front of you or on your hips.)

Follow this 4 point checklist and you will subtly shift yourself into a grounded position. Now the oxygen can flow to your brain, making you more alert, able to process information, and more able to accurately interpret the feelings and emotions of those around you.

The best thing of all is that no-one else will be aware that you’re making these changes! The only thing they’ll notice is you standing tall, speaking with confidence, clarity and respect. Meantime, you’ve put yourself in a position where you can summon the energy to listen more effectively, ask pertinent questions and make assertive statements about your ideas, opinions and recommendations.

Have a go, see what regaining your grounding brings for you.


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