About Alison

I combine the best of current coaching psychology, innovation, leadership and commercial practices in my work. I really enjoy working with people who have bright, busy minds, who are prepared to challenge, and be challenged.

As a senior leadership development specialist, I equip high achievers with the know-how and confidence to influence with credibility and integrity. I enable domain experts to learn new ways of handling people dimensions, and lead teams amidst rapid change.

My passion is building leadership capability for commercial growth, with strategies fit for the digital era, and building ‘leaderful’ teams.

I’m privileged to work with domain experts in Board Level Leadership, Entrepreneurs, IT, Medicine, Engineering, Academia and Sales.

When I work one-to-one, I provide clear headspace to take stock, look creatively at challenges and work out the best next steps, still with long-term goals in mind.

When I work with groups I get to the heart of the matter, mobilising action on key projects and getting people to take firm action on the business of the day.

Thinkfreer is the mainstay of my coaching portfolio and is at the heart of all that I do. Want to test out if coaching is for you? Get in touch to book your discovery session.