Coaching to Innovate

In the digital age, innovation is key. Failure to innovate is behind pretty much every business failure we’ve seen in recent times. Innovation is not just about being the first with a break-through idea, it can simply be about getting ideas widely and successfully applied, whether product, process or technology. Creating business innovation success is first and foremost about engaging widely and leading with clarity.

Thinkfreer shapes and facilitates practical workshops for people leading innovation and business transformation. We work with leaders and their teams to stimulate innovation potential and build capability including:

  • Design-thinking based workshops that engage people widely at the start of key projects
  • Creative confidence building through workshops and 1:1 coaching
  • Innovation ‘101’ workshops for business leaders
  • Innovation toolkit workshops to train people in specific innovation best practices
  • Bespoke team workshops to address specific projects, with key players and team members
  • Specialist mentoring for those needing to develop their awareness of innovation best practices
  • Innovation awareness raising through introduction to leading academic and business networks.

We weave in the best innovation practices we have come across, that are continually tried out and tested in many different business settings. Attending one of our sessions is fun, creative, interactive and hands-on, with a sharp focus on achieving real-world business goals. We’re careful to keep management-speak in check and focus on exploring ideas and making decisions in ways everyone can easily understand.

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