Coaching for Teams

In nearly every 21st century organisation, multi-disciplined teams, form, re-form and re-group many times over. Yet only a few teams actually deliver really fantastic results. Is your ‘team’ really a team, or is it really a group of people constrained by:

  • A lack of common interests and aims?
  • Being too big?
  • A lack of social contact and communication?
  • Not having a sense of the need to improve?
  • Hesitation to share knowledge and ideas?
  • Ineffective leadership?
  • Low engagement in team effort and unhelpful behaviours?
  • Being very newly formed and not yet working effectively?
  • Being too closely-knit and in need of re-invigoration?

Thinkfreer coaches use action based learning techniques to build and re-build trust and communication in work-based teams to:

  • Bring structure and good meeting management to the team
  • Allow leaders to contribute freely to team meetings, rather than being distracted by the task of chairing
  • Ensure everyone contributes as fully as possible
  • Constructively tackle conflict and difficult behaviour that’s getting in the way
  • Commit to practical plans that actually lead to things getting done
  • Freely share knowledge and capitalise on great ideas.

Your coach will consult with key team members prior to the coaching session to agree the important agenda.

We can use team diagnostics such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)™ or the Aston Team Performance Inventory (ATPI) to assist with team profiling if required.

Contact Us to explore your team coaching requirements and find out more about what Thinkfreer can offer.