Coaching for Leaders

Everyone has leadership potential, but not everyone has the job title that says so. Is this you, or someone whose potential you want to unleash?:

  • Leading change in your business, with your team, customers or suppliers?
  • Needing new ways to tackle challenging behaviour in others?
  • Working through some big decisions?
  • Preparing to make a positive impact at a key event?
  • Striving to deliver, without an official structure or mandate to do so?
  • Re-assessing work/life balance or career direction?
  • Transitioning to greater responsibilities or a new role?

Individual coaching is for anyone who is open to learning more about themselves and others. It’s a great way of pursuing self-development in manageable chunks of time (normally 1 to 2 hours) over a period of 3 to 12 months.

Coaching is confidential between coach and coachee so you can be assured of protected time out of your normal day-to-day, time to think, reflect, explore and plan.

Your coach will:

  • Listen with an open and interested mind
  • Reflect the important things back to you
  • Ask questions to get you thinking about all possible options
  • Help you build on your natural strengths and sharpen your performance
  • Introduce you to the best techniques we’ve come across for maximising personal effectiveness, when and where it counts
  • Hold you accountable for putting changes in place that you want and need to commit to.

Contact Us to let us know your coaching requirements and to find out more about what Thinkfreer can offer. Download our Coaching for People with Potential information sheet here.

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